(c) Katrin Brunnhofer

Pascal Fuhlbrügge

Pascal Fuhlbrügge came to theater through music, and to this day, theater is always music theater for him. In the late 80s and early 90s, he was influential with his band Kolossale Jugend and as the operator of the label L’Age d’Or, shaping what later emerged as the Hamburger Schule (Hamburg School) movement. In the 90s, he discovered electronic music and released music with the duo Sand 11. From 2000 onwards, he had his first encounters with theater and performance. He has since created approximately 35 theater scores for artists including Eva Löbau, Charlotte Pfeifer, Gudrun Lange, and Beate Baron, and increasingly integrated his role as a musician with other functions. He directs productions and is often seen as a performer himself. He is part of the children’s and youth theater group Traummaschine Inc, which received the Theater Sponsorship Award from the city of Munich in 2022.