(c) Gerhard Kuehne

Frauke Aulbert

Singing, Performance

Frauke Aulbert is a soprano singer, extreme vocalist, and composer. As a soloist, she travels internationally, from the Opera of Athens and Berghain to the legendary Plano B in Rio de Janeiro. In addition to her vocal research and interpretive activities, she develops works at the intersection of performance and theater. She has received, among other awards, the 1st Prize from the Stockhausen Foundation, residencies at the Cité des Arts in Paris, Goethe Institute in Rome, Schloss Solitude, Villa Kamogawa in Kyoto, and Dëkandoo in Senegal. She studied in Kiel, Tenerife, and Hamburg, was a founding member of, among others, the Decoder Ensemble, and initiator of the Festival for Immaterial Art. Circus arts, dance, and bodywork run parallel to her singing career.